Papa's Place Restaurant

Papa's Place Restaurant is located in the Clock-Tower building in the center of Bothell's Country Village wedged between JJ's Books and Cranberry Cottage. With indoor and outdoor seating, Papa's Place Restaurant is a great place to have large meetings or intimate lunches in Bothell. Owner of Papa's Place Catering, Les Goetz has been in the same location for over 19 years. A fixture of Bothell's dining community, Les believes in giving a quality product rather than cutting corners. His roast beef is a perfect example of that. Yes, Les could head to Costco and purchase pre-roasted, run of the mill beef. "That's not fair to my customers" says Les, "I have an obligation to give them a great experience and a high quality product."

Papa's Place Restaurant Menu

Even when there are not many people around, you will find Les hustling around his kitchen creating some dish. "Catering keeps me busy" he says, "If I had my way, I would be catering all the time. I just love it.". His passion and love for catering shows. Les is fortunate to have a restaurant that people can come into and sample his catering menu. "People love coming in and trying out some of the dishes before they agree on a catering menu. I have done so much catering, I have a pretty good idea of what my clients are going to be asking for and most of the time, the menu we come up with is similar to other menus I have done in the past"

With great food, free Wifi and the uniqueness of the Country Village, Papa's Place is a great place to have lunch in Bothell