Hot Entree Menu

Papa’s Place Catering     Hot Entrees
Country Village     $8 per person 
425-402-9362 15 person minimum 
Lemon-roasted red bell pepper Chicken 
Chicken Dijonnaise (creamy mustard sauce) 
Chicken Parmesan (Hearty tomato sauce-topped w/parmesan) 
Chicken Normandy (apple flavored cream sauce) 
Orange-Ginger mandarin Chicken 
Apricot glazed Chicken 
Roast Pork w/creamy Dijon mustard sauce 
Honey & Spice glazed Pork Loin 
Roast Beef w/ sautéed mushrooms and a rich red wine sauce 
Peppered Roast Beef w/brandy cream sauce 
Penne Pasta with Chicken with a Pesto sauce 
Chicken or Cheese Tortellini with Pesto sauce 
Chicken or Cheese Tortellini with Rich Tomato sauce 
Chicken Fettuccine (spinach, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil) 
Linguine with Chicken or Italian Sausage (tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, 
olive oil) 
BBQ Salmon