Hors d’oeuvres Menu

Papa’s Place Catering 
Country Village      Hors d’oeuvres
Vegetable or Pork Pot Stickers-dz. $16.50 
Beef Teriyaki Brochettes-dz. $18.50 
Beef Satay w/ peanut sauce-dz. $18.50 
Chicken Brochettes-dz. $18.50 
Lemon pepper 
Texas style-spicy 
Spinach-artichoke dip w/ crackers $18.50 
Mini Quiche-dz. $16.50 
Vegetable or sausage potato 
Spanakopita-dz. $20.00 
Spinach & cheese filled fillo pastries 
BBQ Pork Loin- (per loin)  $45.00 
Serves 25.30 
Brie EnCroute-each  $36.95 
Wrapped in pastry dough, baked golden brown with apples and crackers 
BBQ Grilled Platter-$90.00 
New York, Flank steak, Top sirloin , BBQ dipping sauce 
Chicken drummets-$22.50 dz. $65.00 platter (serves 25-30) 
Buffalo style 
Apricot glazed